Be Fuel Smart Through Technology And Quality

Managing large corporations like mining, offshore drills, petroleum enterprises, logistics company having a fleet of hundreds of vehicles etc. is not an easy task by any stretch. In these complex environments, fuel management plays a crucial role as fuel acts as the lifeline of these businesses. Fuel storage installations, if not managed properly, can result in setbacks and losses in millions.So why not be fuel smart and gift your enterprise with the best of fuel tanks, fuel hose reels and fuel monitoring systems?

Fuel Tanks

If you want to store fuels like petrol or diesel in quantities that can go from a couple of hundreds to tens of thousands of litres, you need a tank which is not only large, but is also almost indestructible. Though everything requires maintenance, but your fuel tank should be able to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling.And what can be better, if your fuel tank can store different fuels in individual chambers, eliminating the need of different fuel tanks for separate fuels! You should even have options of multiple outlets from which you can take the fuel out of the tank! You should also not require an extremely complicated process to transport your tank from one place to another. And what if you find that your fuel tank comes with the large enough compartments for tools and other lubricants? Wouldn’t that be great!

Fuel transfer reels

The tank is just one part of the installation, the other part is the medium through which the fuel will be taken out. A high working pressure of say, around 300 PSI, would comprise of a quality reel. You would also want your reel to be flexible, resistant to chemicals and other weather conditions to remain highly functional. There can be no compromise in terms of safety, when fuel is transferred from the tank. Only high quality fuel hose reels can give you the satisfaction that you need!

Fuel Monitoring System

The next aspect is the monitoring system of the tank which has to be as precise as an atomic clock. Not only do these kind of tank level gauge systems enhance is safety, but also help in optimisation of operations. Fuel gauges can range from being simple to extremely sophisticated. If your enterprise is small in size, then simple fuel gauges which can be operated easily suffices.But what if you have a big and complicated business?

Your answer lies in the use of a smart fuel gauge. Your smart fuel gauge system will not only give you an accurate reading, but can also be connected with the network through a GPRS modem. It also analyses and stores the data of the tank in terms of its fuel level, alarms and topping up periods. The best thing is that you don’t have to manually note down any of the data. Your smart fuel tank gauge through its sophisticated software, will send the data in a sheet format to you to be analysed later. Even its software will be regularly updated, and therefore, newer features will be added on the go enhancing operations.Needless to say, all these products come under the category of smart choice. If your business is equipped with such a fuel installation, then absolutely nothing can go wrong!