Painting Metal: The Right Way

If you have ever wanted to refurbish something metal by painting it or about doing a paint job on a metal and thought that it is not doable, stop right there! It is completely doable and it is fairly easy too! Also, in the case of metal refurbishing, you do not have to consider maintaining the previous color. As a result, this opens to a variety of possibilities you can try with coloring and DIY projects on them. It is all about the preparation, once that is done right, the paint job is a piece of cake.

  • Since you will be working around with dust particles and rust, make sure you are present in a ventilated area since the fumes can be harmful to inhale. Also, wear gloves and a mask while at work. Use either sandpaper or wire brush to scrub the paint away from the surface. As you scrub more, damp the removing tool to remove the paint more effectively.
  • Once the basic scrubbing is done, take a damp cloth to remove the clinging dust. Repeat the same process by then taking a fresh cloth and rubbing the surface to remove any loose unwanted particles.
  • It is preferred you sand down the metal since it can enable it to get a longer life. Do this with the help of a damp cloth.
  • Next step after scrubbing comes primed. If the metal you are working with is rusted then use a zinc – chromate primer at first. If the metal does not have rust on it, then go straight to the oil-based primer.
  • While choosing a primer, make sure to use that which goes well with the paint. For instance, if you are using acrylic paint, an oil-based primer that specifically is designed for acrylic paint must be used.
  • Apply two coats of primer. Make sure to work on a windy day if possible, when applying the primer. Two coats are preferred if the metal oxidizes very fast.
  • Next comes the main job, painting. Apply the paint using a paintbrush of suitable size. If you are using the spray, make sure to use enamel thinner to reduce the viscosity of the paint.
  • Apply two coats of paint to ensure the job gets a finished look. The third coat must be applied after 36 hours before usage.

Also, a tip. When working with metals, use epoxy paint for steel to make it resistant to water, acids, and alkali. Ensure that while working with primers, thinners, and paints, you are wearing necessary safety equipment as some may have strong fumes that can be slightly harmful. All in all, enjoy painting!