Containing Liquids – An Industrial And Home-based Need

Industrial machinery has to be subject to testing that clears them for their long term engagement with the industry. Take the case of any large-scale manufacturer, and we can observe that the production problems are mostly due to malfunctioning industrial equipment. For example, the Tesla model S has been created with a body made of aluminum, but the same machinery is being used to manufacture the Model X which has a steel make, thus the production line is facing delays due to the time difference in deploying the car bodies made in aluminum compared with those made with steel.Such cases are not rare, but being production ready means that all possible cases have to be considered. One such case in case of heavy lifting equipment is the integrity of the lifting machine. Whenever a lifting machine is to be considered for application in an industry, then we need to test it before deploying it into operations. 

The best way to do this has been to go with the standard industry practice of subjecting the lifting machinery with a liquid filled in the proof load testing bags equivalent to 10 – 20 % of the normal working load limit (WLL) or the recommended weights as per the manufacturer.In doing such a test any problem with the better proof load test bag can lead to damaged bags at best and industrial disaster at worst. Proper manufacturer of these testing products has to be engaged with so that any problem during the testing has enough of a safety net to keep the costs from bubbling over to a production nightmare.

There are also home-based uses of products that contain water, such as, maintenance of swimming pools, fire safety in the community etc. Some of the more ubiquitously used products that function as temporary water containing devices are onion tanks. These tanks fast deploying, open top tanks that can serve as containers for both potable and non-potable water. Liquid storing in remote locations or locations from which transport of waters is necessary can be well attended to by the use of these storage devices. Low maintenance, easy to deploy, clean and repair makes this product an essential in housekeeping.Any location in need of a fast deploying easy storing tank like fire fighting, spa cleaning, pool cleaning, military operations, etc. is easily tended by using these onion tanks, these open top tanks are also called as pumpkin tanks.A reputable manufacturer that has a name in the above mentioned products needs to be selected in order to get the right product for the right need.